The process :)


Here are some answers to a questions you may have:


How do I book a photo session with you?

 Please contact me for availability.

You may email me : [email protected],

Facebook message me : 

text / call 850.960.8838


OK. We have a date that would work for both of us - what next?

  To secure a session date & time - booking fee of $100 is required to hold your spot. There is also that dreaded paperwork, that will be emailed to you .


Booking fee paid and contract signed

 Now it's time to wait until day or two before session, when I will contact you and we will work out details as exact time and location we will meet.



To cancel a session, you need to contact me in writing no later than two weeks before the session. If I am able to rebook the session date, I will refund the booking fee.

​If we reschedule a session upon your request, than the booking fee becomes non refundable , even if the weather doesn't allow to proceed with the session on the rescheduled date. 


Weather is not allowing us to do the session on original scheduled day

If there is absolutely bad weather and no way I can reschedule your session, I WILL refund your booking fee and try to find a photographer that would be available on different day to get your pictures done.


Need help putting  outfits together?

 check out my Pinterest board for ideas :)


Session done, what now?

I will let you know how long to except for your pictures to be done. If you start seeing your pictures on my Facebook page, that means I am currently editing your session and your pictures should be done soon!

You may tag your selves in the pictures or shared them, but please do not modify them in any way!

When I am all done, I will email you a link to your private online gallery. You will have to download all your pictures and




 I will edit lighting, contrast, edit out people that happen to walk up into your pictures, straighten horizon, edit out acne to the extend that person will still look natural, I can even swap heads if one person is not looking. Please don't ask me to make you skinny or manipulate your face (give you face lift and open you eyes ) I take your picture as you are and that's my goal. I won't make you into someone you are not. If any of extended editing is required, please contact me and I will send off your images to company that does extended editing (including editing out braces ) and I will give you estimate of the cost

Where to print the pictures?

I STRONGLY recommend using Professional labs,

NOT Walmart, Walgreens or any 1 hr print places!

You invested money in your session, please do not ruin the pictures by printing them at cheap places!

You can order your photos from your gallery and they will be printed at Mpix lab, which is great lab!!!

Please note, that I am not responsible for orders placed by you, those orders come from you and are going to be shipped to your home. Please pay attention to cropping ( there is a movable box above your pictures during ordering that you will place as you would like the prints to be cropped)



~Allow at least an hour for the session so we can get as many cute pics as we can.

~ Most of my clients are planning on going to dinner after the session, so plan ahead!!! Just think of this while you are planning your outing - Give your children (husbands and yourselves if needed :) a small snack  before the session as they get hungry and tired

- bring extra clothing for anyone who may get  wet, sandy & dirty

- bring bottled water to drink and to wash your feet after the session as some locations do not have a water or hose

FYI - baby powder works wonders to get sand off your skin

~ do not apply lotions before the sessions (sand will stick to you) - unless you desire to look like a sand burrito  :) 


Your kids & your husbands! :)) Maybe even give your hubby a beer to relax before the session

~ bring as little as possible - we will be moving place to place and it is hard to keep up with all the stuff

~ beach is windy - plan on it! If you don't want to have messy hair - use hair spray and a lot of it! If you want your hair to be perfect, please schedule indoor session with photographer that provides studio

~ plan on taking your shoes off! It's a beach , sneakers look little weird on the sand... just saying :)

~ let's have fun ! I have some cute props to help with shy children so let me know before session

Have any more questions? ASK ME ANYTIME ! ! !