beach engagement picnicbeach photoshoot , engagement photos beach tent dates set up Hi There!


Have you ever wished to have a special romantic date

for just you and your special someone ? 

Picture this..

You and your Boo...snuggling in each other's arms , talking and enjoying each other

while sitting on one of the most beautiful beach in this beautiful romantic set up,

listening to crashing waves and watching the most beautiful sunset?  

Or looking for the perfect opportunity to POP the question?

Well if you have, or not...

I am sure by now you, this is all you can think about!

.....this is your best opportunity! ...

Let us set up this beautiful Teepee just for the two of you and 

You just show up and relax!



This includes the set up,

water & ice 

small cooler

assortment of cushions and decorations,

small table,


2 plastic glasses & 2 plates,


bluetooth speaker

2 hrs of relaxing time

and we clean up after!


We do offer some add ons to make it little more special



-- wine or adult beverages as long as they can be provided in can or plastic container-

*alcohol is excluded on the beach during the month of March

charcuterie plate with assortment of snacks

or any other requests 

You can bring your own refreshments,

just please no glass on the beach Screenshot


We also ask obey * LEAVE NO TRACE * rule

leave nothing but a footprints

no artificial petals 

no release of any balloons

and dispose your trash in trash can

to keep the marine life safe and our beach clean.

Also no bright lights during our turtle nest season May - October


If you would like this special time to be captured, we do offer photography add on as well,


To secure a date, we require $100 deposit


Let us help you make your dream date reality!